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Personal Accident

This is often a topic no one wants to talk about, but in the event of an accident which renders you permanently disabled or causes death, a Personal Accident (PA) Insurance policy would be of great help. Why? This is designed to lift and relieve your financial burden. If such unfortunate events happened, you/your family would be compensated an agreed sum to sustain you/ their daily lives. On top of the basic annual PA insurance policy, we also offer various types of PA policies that are carefully tailored for students, company employees and travellers.


Driver’s & Passengers Personal Accident Insurance, provides disability or death compensation reimbursement to you and your passengers (up to 5 persons including driver) in the event of a road accident while travelling, boarding or alighting from your vehicle.

Key Features

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Premium as low as RM10.60 per annum

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Cover up to the age of 70 years (before the next birthday)

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Compensation (The Sum Payable per Insured Person)

  • Accidental Death up to RM15,000
  • Loss of one hand and one foot up to RM20,000
  • Loss of one eye and one hand or one foot up to RM15,000
  • Loss of one hand or one foot up to RM7,500
  • Loss of sight of one eye RM7,500

More Information


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